Complete energy market monitoring and data analysis

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When the situation demands immediate action with convincing rationale, the E2 Market is at its best.

The E2 Market is a powerful tool for market monitoring and analysis. It supports your decisions with an extensive and precise view of the energy market. All trends and details are automatically fed onto your screen, live and ready for analysis. Your window to the market is fully adjustable and seen as illustrative graphs and charts, which can quickly be changed into informative reports. The E2 Market also handles time with ease. The current situation is seen in the right light when historical changes are combined with real time data.

Knowledge of movements on several markets, changes in weather and all the twists and turns that have lead to the present moment are crucial in understanding the now and the next. With conventional spreadsheet systems precious time is wasted on collecting, preparing and managing the masses of data.

The E2 Market software receives real-time data feeds from a multitude of external sources. In addition to live European power and financial market details, the feeds can include a variety of background factors, such as weather forecasts, production and consumption levels, emission trade figures and latest news. Internal feeds can also be added. Users can freely choose their window to the power market by adjusting feeds and screens. E2 Market is equipped with graphical tools perfectly suited for sharing your analysis through in-depth presentations and reports.